CDW BioSocks

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$2.50 per linear foot. Certified compost material that is mechanically placed inside of a long term mesh sock which provides for certified weed free erosion control tubes. Designed to be placed in direct channel flow situations to provide effective erosion control and permanent vegetation establishment. Approved by the USDA for shipment to multiple continents. Already shipped materials to Germany, Turkey, Honduras, and Japan.

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The environment gives, and then gives some more. Storms are a fact of life, but how we manage them, specifically the runoff that results, is where you can really mitigate the effects of pollutants such as harmful bacteria, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons and sediment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that pollution from the above mentioned has resulted in 21,000 plus cases of water quality impairment since 1995. The CDW Bio Sock was created by farmers and ranchers, for environmentally minded corporations and individuals, to drastically reduce the volume of runoff sediment and soluble pollutants. A tubular, mesh sleeve that contains compost deemed ideal for storm water filtration, the Bio Sock is used for:

  • Perimeter sediment control
  • Slope interruption practice
  • Curb storm inlet protection
  • Protection of sensitive wildlife habitat, ecosystems, wetlands, etc
  • Storm drain protection
  • Treatment of polluted effluents, wash water, pump water, lagoon water, etc

The real advantage of utilizing soil, organic matter is it serves as a natural filtration of pollutants. The Bio Sock compost (organic matter) protects and preserves bio-networks in an ecological, sustainable manner. A multitude of studies have confirmed that bio-filtration socks can remove up to 65% of clay, 75% of E. coli, 84% of motor oil, and an incredible 99%of diesel fuel. The CDW BioSock is currently offered on a per linear square foot basis.

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