Land Conservation & Preservation

There are many good reasons to preserve & conserve land. Protection of water resources, creating and enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities, preserving working farms and forests, and protecting wildlife habitat. Through preservation, CDW attempts to maintain in their present condition areas of the land that are so far untouched by humans.

Conservation is the sustainable use and management of natural resources including wildlife, water, air, and earth deposits. CDW focuses on resources that are renewable and non-renewable. Conservation of renewable resources involves ensuring that they are not consumed faster than they can be replaced, like trees or plants. The conservation of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels involves ensuring that sufficient quantities are maintained for future generations to utilize.

Surface Agreement Reviews

Mineral owners (or lessees, as the case frequently is) have the right to use as much of the surface estate as is reasonably necessary for the production of minerals like oil and gas without compensation to the surface owner. One way for surface owners to protect themselves is by entering into a Surface Use Agreement.

We have licensed Texas Real Estate Right of Way Agents on staff to make sure our clients are not being taken advantage of. Here are just a few of the common steps we take. We look for existing lease provisions in the oil & gas lease that require compensation or protection for the surface owner. We request an operational meeting to discuss operational issues like gate access, work hours, etc. We keep an eye out for quid pro quo opportunities that benefit our clients. We are mindful of old, abandoned equipment or potential contamination issues for the successful long-term cultivation of your land.

Oil & Gas Consulting

CDW Consultant Group is a full service Landman brokerage servicing Texas and surrounding areas. In addition, we provide farmers & ranchers with a liaison between them and the oil & gas companies. CDW handles all issues related to seismic disturbances, leasing, operations, damages, pipeline easements, frack tanks, and water well issues among others. We also assist in acquiring right of way for gathering systems as well as transmission lines and handle well staking, pad sites, and settle surface damages with oil & gas companies.

Exploration companies typically employ or contract with professionals called “Landmen” to acquire leases of mineral rights to land with potential reserves of oil and gas. Not all Landmen work for exploration companies though. CDW takes our experience working with oil & gas companies to help our clients get the best deals.

Sustainable Site Preparation

Set your organization apart with eco-mindful sustainable site preparation. CDW Consultant Group are leaders in innovative thinking when it comes to reclamation and sustainability of habitat. We work with industry leaders to implement a means of mitigating habitat loss and improving the native habitat.

The days of a construction site becoming a concrete slab, never to be used for anything other than an industrial or commercial operation is long gone. Separate yourself from the competition by working with us to implement a viable management plan that incorporates native or conducive grasses improving available food sources, cover, and nesting areas for a range of native wildlife.

CDW is able to provide reclamation plans as well as the execution on those plans. We have the brain and the brawn.